Why is it free?

As you read in the home page, Tageri is focused on startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses.


We offer them a great platform to measure the online influence of their valuable online resources, totally free of charge. In the close future we plan to offer an additional set of tools and functionalities that will come wrapped in a monthly membership aimed to keep the platform up and growing consistently.

Check out the roadmap below to see where we are going with this.


Beta Testing & First Release

Tageri was created with a first set of tools and functionalities and has been taken through to three beta testing programs (two closed, one open). The feedback from these has heavily benefited the performance and design of the service on its first release.

Feedback Improvements

We will use the automatic feedback systems in tandem with the user provided one to polish and create a great service that really gives you what you come for.

Quality Assurance

We make sure that all functionalities work as they should for you, that they look nice and give you a great experience overall before even planning to release any additional premium membership plan.

Tageri Membership

We will offer an additional layer of functionalities and wrap them around a monthly membership that you can cancel at any time.

Constant Improvement

We stay close to our user community and improve the service based on their consistent feedback and reports. We aim to make of Tageri a great service to help everyone takeoff their businesses across the internet with data-driven tools that deliver a game changing experience..