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Go beyond traditional visitor data

Website Tracking

Start monitoring in seconds and get game changing real-time data of your visitors.
Combine it with link tracking to get additional data from specific audiences and campaigns.
You will be able to know profitable information like:
  • What platforms are people coming from
  • What is my most profitable time of the day
  • Which are my most visited & clicked pages
  • In which countries is my content most popular on
  • How many visitors do i get after publishing links to it
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Monitor your user's app usage your own way

App Tracking

Monitor the entire life-cycle of your users with performance data that you can customize your own way.
Improve user retention by knowing exactly what they love about it as well as the most used components of your app so you can get a real insight on what to improve.
You will be able to know profitable information like:
  • Where do people use my app from
  • When do people use it
  • Which are the most used components
  • What is the most popular platform for it
  • How many visits my store components have
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Knowing how stuff performs offline? What?

Offline Tracking

Yes: Offline performance data from your physical products right into your dashboard.
Entice people to use links printed on physical products by using them for warranty assistance, promotional and discount campaigns, event merchandise with additional online content, go crazy and track everything.
You will be able to know profitable information like:
  • Where in the world my products ended on
  • How many consumers need support or asssitance
  • Exactly what do they need assistance with
  • How effective are my printed promotional campaigns
  • How popular my products are
  • And many more
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Data Collection

Your account will collect all the available information for each person interacting with your links and visiting your websites.

Visitor Feedback

Get all the information needed to improve your website’s content instantly and neatly organized in your account.

Dashboard Precision

We strive for perfection. Your account features data-driven tools and panels to give you exactly the data you need.

An Intuitive Dashboard Experience

Your account allows you to neatly organize all your online resources in an optimal way.
Using all the feedback from your user's experience, we continuously update and improve all the tools in your account.

  • Intuitive Layout
  • Mobile Ready
  • Dark Mode Enabled
  • Secure Login And Data
  • Frequently Updated
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Digital Influence

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