Whats the point of all that data without a clear way to capitalize on it?

Finding opportunities and patterns is exactly what our tools are designed for

Link Tagging

Tag any link to anywhere on the Internet. Add all the labels you need to identify all the details you need about it and watch all the usage data come once people start interacting with it.

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Domain Tagging

The next level in website activity monitoring. Tag all your visitors and find out how they interact with your websites, get detailed information about what they do and where they go.

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App & API Tagging

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They key to consistently optimize your Apps relies on knowing what your end users do. Tag your App UI elements and API calls to get refined data on how to improve the user experience with pinpoint accuracy.

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Domain Tagging

Tagging all your visitors gives you unique insights on what exactly they like and interact with on your site. Forget about heatmaps and other gimmicks, get all the info about the usage patterns your visitors have.

Seamless Integration: It takes less than a minute to integrate the Tageri Header in your site. Follow the on-screen instructions for each one of your tagged websites or landings and see the data start going live on your dashboard!
Event Based Data: Not only do you get tons of information about your visitors, you also can configure events to be also detected throughout your entire site, allowing you to know not only what they visit, but what they interact with and time it took them to do it.
Deep Data Segmentation: You can tag domains and sub domains separately, your Dashboard helps you split all the data into chunks so you can easily know where to improve your visitor experience and chances of closing a deal.

App & API Tagging

Developer-grade tracking is the most essential tool you need to develop a successful app or service. We offer you the most deep layered data analysis for everything that happens in your web apps, mobile apps and APIs so you know exactly what and where to improve.

In App Tagging: You can track every interaction inside your App without any limitation. You can set the parameters that define every step and event in your App and follow them live on your dashboard.
REST API Tagging: You get a POST relay to submit all the data you need to track about your calls. Your dashboard will guide you on segmenting it and give you recommendations about how to improve its performance.
Data Mutability: Sounds fancy but its pretty simple, you can change on-the-fly the parameters of your calls directly on your dashboard, allowing you to modify and update your POST data without having to push any updates to your apps since we all know the hassle that is sometimes.

Data Dashboard

Your account features a dashboard system that will show you all the useful, refined data that you need to know on the go. Take business decisions in minutes and keep treack of everything that happens with your Tagged resources live on any device.

Easy to use

Your dashboard features a set of controls and tools that help you get the data you need, no matter how specific, in a matter of seconds.

Account wide

Your general dashboard will show you data concerning all your tagged resources, helps you compare and decide which is performing better on the fly.


You can set up notifications for different events concerning your Tagged resources. Get to know when your traffic exceeds expectations or something is under performing.


You can log into your dashboard from almost any device with a compatible web browser, as it is expected from any modern online service.

Resource specific

Every Tagged resource has its own dashboard. Work with specific and segmented data easily from here and watch it perform live.


Your resources can alert you about their performance live via email. Each resource type has its own alerts so be sure to check them out!

Additionally, receive quality and performance updates automatically on all tiers

We practice what we preach. Our team works everyday monitoring all our resources in order to provide you with the experience and performance that you come to expect from a worldwide online service platform.

We grow with our users

User feedback is the most valuable resource to actively improve our service on a daily basis. Got something to share?

AI Powered Data Processing

You are supposed to know specific pointers about how your business is performing and take decisions based on that, not spend hours looking at data and trying to make sense of it.

Your own AI powered assistant will give you hints on how to monetize everything right on your Dashboard, based on the incoming data of each Tagged resource.

These recommendations will let you know exactly where to spend your time and resources and what might be a dead end. You can even configure alerts via email to never miss a recommendation update!

What exactly



An AI powered feed of pointers on the best way to exploit your Tagged resources

These recommendations are calculated based on multiple parts of the data captured of each resource.

This includes patterns found in correlation to other similar resources, updated live for you so you can take decisions on the fly to make the best out of your business before anyone else.

Efficient And Easy To Use

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