Get deep statistics from simple links to entire websites, applications and even APIs

We make it simple to increase your profit margins on monetized content

Tag everything that generates an income for you. Identifying monetization opportunities has never been easier. Forget about getting demonetized and being helpless about it.

Tag anything you monetize

You can Tag virtually anything you can share online. From links to pages, products and services, to entire websites in a matter of minutes.

Let your data cook

Your Tags will start detecting activity data immediately. The more data detected, the easier it becomes to identify monetization patterns.

Enjoy your increased revenue

The only way is up! Having precise information on time will help you consistently increase your earnings every single day.

Get live data of anything you need to track online

Anything that you tag will get tracked with absolute detail. You can see all the incoming data live from your dashboard and get tailored recommendations to make the most out of all your resources.

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Start tagging from links and posts to entire websites and see the incoming data live in your dashboard. Its like Christmas!

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Tageri refines all the data into an organized set of recommendations to increase the performance of everything you tag!

Tailored for everyone

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Tageri Basic


for ever

  • Main Account
  • Tagging System
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Traffic Analytics *
  • Customer Support **
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  • Main Account
  • Tagging System
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Unlimited Traffic Analytics
  • Priority Customer Support **
Tageri Ultimate



  • Main Account
  • Tagging System
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Unlimited Traffic Analytics
  • Prime Customer Support **
  • Implementation Consulting

* We store all your data safely and securely up to three years. Free accounts are limited to analytics data of up to five days only. Tageri Pro accounts have this limit removed.

** Customer support gets prioritized by the account tier, however we provide support to every single user no mater the tier as quickly as possible.

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