version 1.1.0

Listening to your feedback, we made the general interface more… well, more human.

Going through all your feedback we worked on a few components, making them more consumable and user-friendly while retaining the original idea of their usability.


  • Changed the resource listing on the home dashboard from a vertical list to tile-styled components.
  • Changed main menu icons from stale circles to actual animated buttons.
  • Optimized the data fetching process for all resources, performance should had gone up at bout 90% for most users.


  • Added resource-health indicator placeholder to each resource tile.
  • Listening to feedback, we added Basic and Pro billing plans for $4.99 and $9.99 each.
  • Added App Tagging system with full API release (soon to be documented separately).
  • Added Home task shortcuts to direct you across the different parts of the application (soon to grow).
  • Added “New” tile at the end of all resource listings on home dashboard.


  • Fixed an issue where text on certain resource dashboard components would render white on light theme, making them utterly useless.

Known Issues

  • App might soft-crash when changing themes too rapidly (spamming the poor switch).

And that’s it!

Thanks so much for using Tageri and we hope that it becomes more useful to you every day!

– Tageri team