Website Tagging

Tracking your website’s visitors and their experience has never been easier

This guide assumes you already have a verified account on Tageri.

Lets get right to it

Log into your account and go into Domains > Add New

First Step

Once you are in the “Tag a Website” form, fill in the fields in the following way:

1. Paste your domain name


Simply copy and paste your website’s address. Dont include ANY arguments and be sure to also include the protocol (http or https) that prefixes the domain name.

  • Example: “” or “”

2. Give it a name


This is the name you will use to identify it in your account. Name it something sensible and that tells you what website we are talking about.

Short names are the best names.

  • Example: “Tageri Domain Example”


Second Step

Once your domain is successfully tagged, you will receive a header script for your website. This script has to be pasted in the heading of all the pages in your website.

If you use WordPress, it makes this step very easy with Plugins.

Otherwise, you can easily do it manually by copy and pasting your header script within the <head/> tags of all the pages you want to monitor.

And that’s it. Once you update your website you will see your dashboard light up with incoming data of all your website’s activity!

Have any more questions? Head to our Guides section or go straight up to Support