Link Tagging

Tracking link data across the Internet is very easy with Tageri

This guide assumes you already have a verified account on Tageri.

Log into your account and go into Links > Add New Link.

First Step

Once you are in the “Tag a new Link” form, fill in the fields in the following way:

1. Paste the full link to your content, it can include any arguments

Simply copy and paste the link to the resource you want to Tag in your account. It must be the full link including the protocol (the http or https prefix) as well as any arguments you want to add.

Link arguments: These are the strings after the full link. Normally starting after the “?” symbol and chained by the “&” symbol.

Link arguments are completely optional.

  • Example: “”

2. Name your Tag. Type in something that will help you identify it correctly

This is the name you will use to identify it in your account. Name it something sensible and that tells you exactly what link its talking about.

Short names are the best names.

  • Example: “Tageri Link Tagging Guide”

3. (Optional) What platform will you use this on? You can name any! Like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Patreon, you name it!

This is a very useful field when you use links that aim back to your Tagged Websites. It will help you identify what platforms are more valuable than others.

Simply name it whatever name you want, use simple word names for the platform names. If you need additional data you can set it up in the next fields.

  • Example: “Instagram”

4. (Optional) Provide a description for this Tag.

Here is when you can filter up platforms and links. Simply type something that allows you to further distinguish the origin of this link, useful when you have the same link in the same platform but in different locations.

  • Example: “Movie Discussion Post” or “Profile Bio”

5. (Optional) Got anything else that helps you micromanage and identify this link in particular? Type it here.

Need to further refine your traffic data? Your account has this field set up specifically for that.

This field will help you sort out links that are almost identical but vary in small ways, like posting a link on your feed and then pasting that same link in the comments section. A new level of micromanagement that actually has a purpose.

  • Example: “Comments section” or “Picture description”

All these optional fields give you unprecedented control over the data you can collect about your online resources.


Second Step

Once your link has been successfully tagged, you will receive a shortened version of your link. This version goes beyond the traditional shortening by adding all the power of data tracking that you need.

Go ahead and paste this link wherever you decide to publish it. You will see all the data pouring in as people start using it!

Have any more questions? Head to our Guides section or go straight up to Support